Houseplant Sticker Set – 9pcs


9pcs Houseplant Sticker set:
Glossy finish

  • Monstera deliciosa 40mm x 45mm
  • Anthurium warocqueanum 21mm x 60mm
  • Anthurium regale 35mm x 50mm
  • Philodendron Burle Marx variegata 25mm x 56mm
  • Philodendron Florida beauty 45mm x 55mm
  • Philodendron melanocrysum 30mm x 58mm
  • Alocasia ‘polly’ 26mm x 50mm
  • Philodendron gloriousum 34mm x 42mm
  • Anthurium magnificum x crystallinum 34mm x 43mm

Please note that sizes are approximate and may vary slightly between batches

This piece was drawn in a photo-realistic style to showcase the natural beauty of the plant

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