Abstract Faces – Linework Women Sticker Set 6pcs


BethanDesigns Abstract Faces Women Sticker Set 6pcs

These gorgeous continuous line abstract artwork stickers feature a contemporary design with a colour blocked background. I actually designed these to match my living room, but loved them so much that i decided to sell them too!
There are 6 different designs in this set, all featuring women of different shapes and sizes, giving a subtle hint to just how powerful we are as women.

Available in both A4 & A5 to fit your home perfectly

Glossy finish

Yellow: 40mm x 52mm
Orange: 35mm x 55mm
Beige: 30mm x 60mm
Blue: 40mm x 55mm
Green: 40mm x 52mm
Purple: 36mm x 55mm

Please note that sizes are approximate and may differ slightly between batches

Keywords: stickers, sticker, face